Pandemic Promo

Posted on: May 6th, 2020 by kiltonwordpress

50% off all Professional Services

Never has the world seen such a state.


In an effort to help us heal and get business back to some sense of normalcy, Kilton is offering 50% off all professional services rates for any work committed to or started during the pandemic period.  Our hope is this; We want to help businesses that are in need of some work done to support their existing customer base but cannot commit to regular rates at the moment.  The second is, let’s fight this economic downturn together to ensure your business can survive.  We have some excellent resources on the bench, just itching to do what they do best … let us do just that.


Our thoughts on some services that we’re seeing as crucial during this time (although, not limited to these);


  • Business Process Automation

    • Middleware to enable the remote / work from home initiatives a little better
    • Application customizations to streamline the new processes brought on by the new social distancing restrictions now required
    • Workflows to automate tasks that previously required manual intervention, but are now a little more problematic.
    • SharePoint development
    • Payment systems, for portals, web presence.  Take payments without having to interact with customers/clients.


  • Fractional IT resources

    • After your exercise of ‘belt tightening’, do you now realize you need more or less resources, but cannot justify adding a full time employee, or cannot reduce by a whole?
    • Provide a specific skill set that you do not require a full time role for?


  • Cloud build out (Full or Hybrid)

    • Have you realized that if your business was more ‘cloud’-ready, you would have been able to weather this pandemic much better?  We can help you move in the direction that best matches the business needs.
    • Build out an integrated cloud presence to tie into your existing infrastructure, and road map the incremental move to a more seamless and untethered company ecosystem that enables remote workers at all points.


We’re here to help, feel free to reach out and ask, if you’re not sure we can do anything for you …we’re here to chat!  No pressured sales.


Your Kilton team