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As a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) and part of Microsoft's Partner Network (MPN), Kilton has a wide variety of expertise within a Microsoft Environment. We understand the complexities behind Microsoft products and have a proven track record of implementing the solutions for various organizations.

Let us help take a load off so you can focus on what matters most!

Digital Transformation – Office 365

43% of SMB workloads run in the Cloud, with an ever-increasing number every month; Office 365 is here to stay!

Transforming your working environment allows your organization to stay ahead and adopt new practices that can help improve your organization’s efficiencies.

Cloud-enabled organizations are proven to be more productive, focused and prepared, with the ability to access anything, anywhere, on any device!

Our migration and configuration plans can get you up and running quickly!

Content & Collaboration – OneDrive and SharePoint

A common problem with today’s digital world is consolidating all your sources of data.

Google Drive, Dropbox, local file servers, how can an organization manage them all and ensure their data is kept in a secure place that is readily accessible?

Utilizing OneDrive and SharePoint can help broaden collaboration efforts within your departments, making it much easier to build intranet sites, share news, files and calendars within your organization.

Communications & Conferencing – Microsoft Teams

Stay current with today’s shifts in accessibility by adopting enterprise grade communications and conferencing solutions. Teams is a hot topic lately and for good reason!

Teams can keep your team focused and organized, allowing chat, conferencing and phone system capabilities to keep everyone at arms-reach.

Customer Relationship Management – Microsoft Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 brings a heightened focus on seller productivity, with deep integrations into Teams and Outlook, it allows your team to capitalize on productivity gains within a single pane of glass.

Manage workflow roles and interactions with contacts so that your team is prepared to respond at all times!

Remote Desktop – Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop

What if you could bring the familiar Desktop experience everywhere with you at a fraction of the cost!

With Windows Virtual Desktop, you are able to access your desktop anywhere, on any device, securely allowing you to connect to resources within your environment and get rid of expensive hardware refreshes.

Cloud Infrastructure Platform – Microsoft Azure

Transform your datacenter and enable modern business applications!

If you’re tired of the upfront costs associated to server hardware, there is definitely a proven model for this!

Azure has been the go-to platform of choice for many organizations. As experts in this platform, whether it is cost cutting measures, environment security, software development or solution architecture, we have certified Azure Solutions Architects and Developers, ready and willing to consult on environments with you.

Empower your IT staff and give them back their weekends!