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Application Development

Every business is unique. Expecting one product to satisfy all your business needs is unrealistic. To bridge that gap, custom applications can be developed to bring new functionality and to address missing functionality.

Kilton’s development team is well versed in the latest technology stacks such as Microsoft .NET, nodejs, angular, react, python and Java to bring unique solutions to your unique business.

From mobile applications to custom integrations to full-fledged enterprise level web applications, we can help.

New Development

Technology is built upon successful innovations throughout the years, whether that be a simple application or a full fledged service offering. Building new products can be the key to transforming an idea to a business! Leverage our extensive experience in Software Development to help you go from napkin to market; Let Kilton be your guide!

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Enhancements to Existing Software

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Product Inception

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Mobile Applications

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Web Portals

Existing Systems

Evolving businesses lead to evolving systems, to ensure organization efficiencies are at its peak, modernizing and customizing workflows is key to an effective workforce. Every organization has pain points, issues with their current systems that either takes too much time to accomplish or requires manual intervention. With our understanding of systems together with our ability to enhance and integrate; Kilton can make it work!

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System Integration

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Building for the Cloud

“The problem with a monolithic architecture is that when new features are developed and tested, it takes a considerable effort to deploy those changes to production.”

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Invisible Infrastructure = Portability and Speed

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Increased Velocity = More Agile Businesses

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Developers Can Practice Continuous Delivery

Increased Agility & Productivity

CICD allows developers to bring new ideas to production within minutes or hours instead of weeks and months, resulting in a greater rate of innovation.

Improved Scalability & Reliability

On-demand elastic scaling or cloud bursting offers near limitless scaling of compute, storage and other resources. Git and DevOps best practices provide developers with a low risk method of reverting changes.

Reduced vendor lock-in

By taking advantage of multi-cloud compatible tooling wherever possible, applications are more portable and beyond the reach of vendor predatory pricing.

Lower Costs

Because cloud native technology enables pay-per-use models, the economies of scale is passed through and shifts spending from CAPEX to OPEX

Application Development Expertise

With a wide range of experience and programming languages under our belt, we are positioned to tackle many different sectors of application stacks.

The challenge of emerging tech on the bleeding edge, neither confuse nor faze us but excites us.
As passionate technologists, let Kilton help demystify those complex terms and provide a solution that makes sense!

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Enterprise Technologies

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Mobile Applications

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Content Management System

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Business Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence

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Web Technologies