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Samsung Digital Signage

As a Samsung Digital Signage Partner, Kilton is well-versed in digital signage solutions, including content creation and custom integrations. We pride ourselves in delivering tailored solutions and helping our customers achieve perfectly displayed content !

Focus on your business and let us do the heavy lifting!

Digital Signage Expertise

Our support services start and end with Samsung’s MagicInfo server environment; from initial server setup, panel configuration to device scheduling and content deployment. Our technicians are available to support businesses of any size, with any number of panels, in all types of configurations. We cover all the bases surrounding digital signage to deliver a smooth and comfortable customer experience!


Within challenging business landscapes, the ability to adapt and evolve goes hand-in-hand with our custom solutions. We take a development-first approach to digital signage, with a complete development team ready to tackle any required customizations needed to accelerate your business. Whether that is data insights, IoT device integration or advanced AI analytics, it is all about delivering results and taking digital signage to the next level!

Fully Managed Environment

Why worry about servers, devices and schedules? Our team of experts are available to completely manage your digital signage experience. We can host your environment in the Cloud, do all patching and updates and ensure your panels are always up and running with the latest content at all times. Put your mind at ease, we are on-call, available 24×7, and ready to support your digital signage needs!

Creative Services & Content Creation

With a team of creative graphic designers all with different artistic styles, we are able to offer complete content support. With our Premium package, we can help support our customers in the creation process and draft digital content customized for each business! A truly hands-off experience!