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Managed IT Services

Many organizations are faced with the challenge of providing and maintaining reliable systems, which meet the needs of the business, due to limited IT resources.

Kilton’s goal is to remove the IT burden organizations face by providing systems and IT support. We strive to be your IT partner and support all technology needs.

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User & Device Support

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System/Network Administration

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Hardware Lifecycle Management

Managed Data Centre Options

Do you have the tools and resources in place to ensure that your critical IT systems are available and functional? Maintaining robust systems require strong technical experience and an investment into equipment and environmental controls. Kilton provides 3 Managed Data Centre Options designed to help ensure that your systems are online when you need them.

1. Onsite Data Centre

Our technical experts support and manage your hardware within your facilities

2. Cloud Platforms

We will architect and manage your workloads on any public Cloud platform of your choice

3. Kilton Data Centre

We host your environment on Kilton hardware and manage OS, compute and storage requirements. The Kilton data centre has been designed to provide:

  • Resilient systems
  • Cooling and backup power
  • Physical and logical security
  • 24 x 7 monitoring and support by our technical experts

Off-site Backup Services

We are all aware of the importance in backing-up business data as a safety mechanism to survive a disaster. But what if the disaster damages your backup system? As companies have migrated from tape backups to onsite disk-to-disk systems, they must consider risk of damage to their on-site backups. We provides customers with the ability to replicate a copy of their backups offsite to our data centre or to a Cloud service provider.

Offsite Backup/Replication Destination

Replicate your onsite data backups to Kilton’s Ontario-based data centre

Backup to Cloud Services

Backup your data or replicate the backups to the cloud