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At Kilton, we pride ourselves on delivering unlimited value in small chunks.
We aim-to-please, with bite-sized packages that allow us to help transform organizations with ease.
Our only goal is to ensure you have a very positive experience adopting new technology, let us make IT more palatable !

Microsoft Exchange
Kilton Starter Package


Package Includes:

  • Introduction to Office 365 and Exchange
  • Assist with Licensing Costs
  • Setup and initialize Office 365 environment
  • Add Users and Groups
  • Enable Mailboxes
  • Assist with Mail Migration
  • Apply Basic Security Measures
  • On-Boarding Support

Microsoft Teams
Communications Package


Package Includes:

  • Teams functionality walkthrough and best practices
  • Setup, configuration, and drive adoption of Teams
  • Creation of up to 3 Groups and 5 Channels
  • 1 hour training session
  • Training Materials (video and documentation)
  • On-Boarding Support

Microsoft OneDrive
Kilton Collaboration Package


Package Includes:

  • Consolidation and Migration of Current File Shares into OneDrive from any Source
  • Basic Groups and Permissions
  • Non-Disruptive Weekend Migration
  • Post Migration Support
  • OneDrive Sync Configuration
  • 1 Hour Training Session
  • Training Materials
  • On-Boarding Support


Unlimited on-going user support available at $49/user/month