We are Infrastructure

Be it a small business environment in a networking closet, or a large data centre for a fortune 500 company, we can handle any of your infrastructure needs.  We possess years of expertise in almost every infrastructure area that your business may require.  We focus on what the client needs, and build it to last.  If it’s just additional resources to help out, we can do that too.  Have a look around and see if our technology skills are what you are looking for.

We are Applications

In today’s busy times, business owners have begun to understand that the key to a successful business is through utilizing technology. Technology is what drives innovation and efficiencies in all aspects of businesses. What we provide is a deep understanding of modern day technology and the ability to implement them to solve business problems. Relieve your mind of all your technological concerns by leveraging our depth and knowledge of technology, allowing you to focus on what is most important; running the business.

We are
Kilton Inc.

We provide Technology Solutions for Business.  Our company possesses a vast resource base, and we take pride in our ability to pick up and adapt to almost any technology solution that may be required.  Our mission is to ensure our clients’ success, alongside.  To us, a good solution lasts until either the infrastructure or solution gets to the end of its designed lifecycle, or a new requirement comes up that requires additional resources.  With our experience, we know what will work and what will be problematic over time … and we will find a quality and cost-effective solution for your company.

Contact Kilton:

@: service@kilton.ca
A: 1060 Guelph St. Kitchener, ON, CA
T: 1-844-4-KILTON


We manage and install all types of server hardware.  Do you need a 10-gigabyte infrastructure?  Perhaps you need a blade chassis with interconnects into Ethernet and/or Fiber, and we can make it happen.


If you are not virtual yet, you should be!  We can manage your environment or do physical to virtual conversions.  If you don’t have a virtual environment installation yet, we can do that too.  In turn, you get to leverage your CAPEX investments on average better than 5:1 compared to physical.  Once you are running a virtual environment, you can get to nearly 0% downtime.  You can patch physical hosts without bringing virtual machines down by moving them around.  You can suffer catastrophic server failures and be up and running in a few minutes.  Disaster Recovery becomes almost as easy as starting a host.  Let us show you how.


Storage in an enterprise has the ability to make or break the entire infrastructure.  Our partnership with the fastest growing tech company in history, Pure Storage, will allow us to put a storage solution in place that will meet or exceed all expectations, especially for VSI, VDI, Database and DataMining application loads.  You have really got to see Pure at work!  Have a look at our partner page, or their site directly for more info.  Alternately, we can work with you in a consultancy capacity to install a system from a variety of other storage providors and via any of the usual protocols.  We don’t just finish when it’s installed either, we’ll help in the migration of load while minimizing any disruptions.

Operating Systems

Do you need assistance in managing your server operating systems?  We can help in many ways, from managing your Active Directory, SQL servers, or even SharePoint.  Did you know a Linux host requires approximately a 1/5th of the hardware for equal application loads?

Switch Environments

Do you need your switch network environment overhauled, or new hardware refreshes done?  We can do all your LAN work for you.

Fiber Channel

Do you have or need Fiber Channel infrastructure for backups, or perhaps to attach to a SAN disk system? We can get this done for you. We will handle all the Brocade work, and set it up in a single or dual failover setup.


Do you have a hardware or virtual layer you need backed up?  We can come in and design the best fit and most cost-effective way of doing it.  Let us get you the best design with the highest cost benefit.

Data Deduplication

With the growing need to carry a lot of data, we can leverage some data deduplication tools that are out on the market.  Whether you have some basic archive data that does not require seven year retention, or more complex needs such as a Disk to Disk to Tape solution, we can find a solution to meet your company’s needs.  Data Deduplication has become the going practice to reduce disk costs as well as offsite backup retention costs.

Data Centres

Your company may require someone to manage and implement your entire Data Centre, and we are well equipped to provide that service.  Whether it is situated in your main office, on a CoLo floor, another dedicated space, we can confidently manage all aspects.

Business Continuity

Do you have a requirement for offsite backup copies, or perhaps a more complete solution for Business Continuity via a full or partial site recovery?  We can work with you to provide a taylored solution via cold, warm or hot site enablement.  Backup software such as Veeam and some others may be leveraged for replication, or SAN to SAN replication of entire block level data.  Let’s work together to build a great solution for you and your business.

Technology Procurement

We have a vested interest in providing a service to our clients for obtaining technology that best suits their needs, from laptops, servers, televisions, and more. Working with multiple different vendors, we are able to do the price matching for you and get you the products you want at an affordable price. We also offer to professional install and manage all products to ensure our clients make the most use of them.

Custom Software Development

We believe that each and every business is unique, and there is never just one product that can completely satisfy all of your business needs. But sometimes we are able to bridge that gap, which requires development of custom solutions. We are well versed in the latest technology stacks such as Microsoft, .NET, and Java to bring unique solutions to your unique business. From building small efficiency windows applications to building full-fledged enterprise level web applications, we can be your answer.

Business Intelligence

The modern business requires up-to-date reporting and analytics delivered promptly to their mailboxes. Utilizing our knowledge of IBM Cognos, Microsoft SSRS and various other tools, we can help deliver quality up-to-the-minute reporting, allowing business owners to review and make decisions on their business more efficiently.

Software Customizations

The current market is saturated with countless custom solutions, which can be difficult to keep up with. Fortunately, we understand technology and we sell solutions that are adaptable to the innovative world we live in. We can help you maintain and support almost any currently owned custom software packages so that you don’t have to!

Cloud Solutions

The cloud is a very real part of business.  We can assist and/or design a migration plan that goes full cloud or hybrid, as you wish.  There is always at least a piece of your business that could leverage the cloud, let’s see what piece fits in your organization.

Social Media and Web Presence

Web presence is one of the most important aspects of the modern business. Having your own digital space is like having a storefront in which customers can browse and understand a business’ products or services at their convenience. Alongside social media, considered digital advertising. Businesses will flourish with an enhanced online presence.

Mobile Application Development

There is a great need for businesses to build unique applications to help bring products or services to the tips of their consumers’ fingers. We are well versed in both Android and Apple development stacks, and we can provide solutions that will put your business leap and bounds ahead of your competition.

Office Efficiencies

It is often too easy to lose precious company time because of small inefficiencies. We can help provide solutions to help take care of any mundane, time-consuming tasks so you can focus on making your business work. We help our clients make the best use of their time and create efficient work environments.

POS Systems

POS ( Point of Sale ) systems can often be overlooked, but they are important computers too. We have an understanding of the current market leaders, and are able to support, manage, and implement any systems as required.

Valued Partners

Kilton is one of the fastest growing Pure Storage partners in Canada.  We welcome you to have one of our local field teams come and sit down, and to learn how Pure Storage is disrupting the storage market.

Pure is an all-flash storage vendor and their goal is to eliminate forklift upgrades and maintenance extortion. Pure is the leader in the all-flash array with Gartner two years in a row and changing the industry in which organizations purchase storage.

Kilton loves partnering with leaders in their fields.  Veeam provides the most comprehensive solutions to enable the Always-On Business.  With features such as High-Speed Recovery, Data Loss Avoidance, Verified Protection, and Leveraged Data, Veeam covers all critical areas of the Modern Data Center.  You will always have Complete Visibility to your Data Center as well with Veeam Availability Suite.  Ask us how you can benefit, we’d love to show you.

Some technologies we're very familiar with: